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LINK Блок управления двигателем G4X XtremeX

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  • LINK Блок управления двигателем G4X XtremeX

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The XtremeX is one of Link’s premium ECU’s with more inputs, outputs and features.
The XtremeX has built in E-throttle and all the advanced features including Anti-lag, Cruise Control and Traction Control.
With 8 Injector drives and 8 ignition drives the XtremeX can control up to 4 rotors or 8 cylinders with sequential injection and direct spark. The XtremeX is a great choice for professional level motorsport or more demanding road car applications.
Please note: for peak & hold please contact a Link ECU Sales Person to purchase a G4+ Xtreme ECU.
Requires "A" & "B" Looms for installation.
If it is Onboard Digital Wideband Lambda Control you are after, consider the Fury.

Engine Configurations

1-12 Cylinder Distributed
2-12 Cylinder Wasted Spark
1-8 Cylinder Direct Spark
Odd Fire Engines
2-Stroke, 4 Stroke and Rotary Engines
Configurable Firing Order
Configurable TDC Points (for odd fire)

8 x High Current Injector Drives (suits high impedance injectors)
8 x Ignition Channels
8 x Auxiliary Outputs (All PWM capable). Aux5-8 can control Stepper Motors and drive High or Low
11 Digital Inputs (All capable of reading frequencies up to 10kHz)
+5V Out
+8V Out
4 Temperature Inputs (Configurable pull-ups on ANT1&2)
12 x 0-5V Analog Inputs

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