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LINK Блок управления двигателем G4X StormX

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  • LINK Блок управления двигателем G4X StormX

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Advanced tuning features at an affordable price.  

The Link G4X StormX ECU is the latest version of our trusty, mid-sized ECU. With eight injector and eight ignition drives, it allows sequential injection and direct spark on engines with up to eight cylinders or four rotors.
The StormX has all the upgrades of the AtomX and MonsoonX but offers more advanced tuning features like a built in Trigger Oscilloscope, Stepper Motor Idle Control, Rotary Oil Metering Pump Control, Onboard Knock Control, Open and Closed Loop Boost Control plus most Motorsport features including Full Gear Shift Control, Antilag and Launch Control.
The StormX has expanded data logging and is more responsive with a higher bandwidth than its G4+ Storm predecessor. G4X features 512 megabytes of logging at 32bit using up to 250 channels, each limited to up to 1kHz per channel (by the Operating System), with a maximum of 100 kSamples/sec.
It also features 8 x faster communications speed, allowing you to download logs 8 x faster and pushes all the logging quickly up to a new and improved PCLink – available for download below in the features tab.

Engine Configurations

1-12 Cylinder Distributed
2-12 Cylinder Wasted Spark
1-8 Cylinder Direct Spark
Odd Fire Engines
2-Stroke, 4 Stroke and Rotary Engines
Configurable Firing Order
Configurable TDC Points (for odd fire)

8 x High Current Injector Drives (suits high impedance injectors)
8 x Ignition Channels
8 x Auxiliary Outputs (All PWM capable). Aux5-8 can control Stepper Motors and drive High or Low
8 Digital Inputs (All capable of reading frequencies up to 10kHz)
+5V Out
+8V Out
3 Temperature Inputs (Configurable pull-ups on ANT1&2)
8 x 0-5V Analog Inputs

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